New Site, New Photo Report

It’s been a while but we have an update of about 50 pictures to show you from around Disneyland Resort. Click the Mickey Pumpkin to check out the first Photo Report of the website redesign!


Welcome Back to Original D!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on converting this entire site over to a new platform. This change will come with many new features! For instance, you no longer have to make an Original D account in order to participate in the community. You can simply log in with your Facebook account! Just click the button on the right! If you don’t have Facebook, you can make an account still so don’t worry! Whether you make an account or sign in with Facebook, you will get your own profile and you can click on the “Community” link above to see what is happening around the site. Go ahead and try it out!

I’m very excited to move forward with the site. Along with new features, the new software should allow 3 things that will make life way easier for us all!

1) Website will be faster
2) Website will be reliable
3) Website will be easier to maintain

In the past with Original D, I was constantly fighting with the software. Every time I wanted to sit down and make content such as a podcast episode, I first had to fix some kind of issue with the site itself before I could even begin. Sometimes this would take a few hours and I was too burned out by the time I could try to work on the episode.

I’m crossing my fingers, but it looks like this new site should be more stable which will allow us to focus on providing content rather than just fixing the site all the time.

I have recovered all of the old podcast episodes, but it doesn’t look like the old picture updates will be making the jump. With that being said, I’m looking to get a new episode of the podcast and a new photo report up by the end of the month!

Lastly, I’m working on a Hidden Mickeys section of the site, so if you have any pictures of some awesome Hidden Mickeys, send them in to “podcast -at-”

Looking forward to moving forward with this community and hopefully this move will make everything work a lot better around here!


Episode 8 – Hard Ticket City

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